what's a good video card?

building my own pc, but not sure what video card for it.

I'd be willing to spend about 150$ on it.

I wanted to get Radeon 9600 Pro, but not sure what manufacturer Sapphire or Asus or ATI.

Reviews are very mixed on all of them.

What would you recommend? what do you have and how does it play latest games.


Go to sharkyextreme.com ... forums, video cards... ask there and you'll get all the info you need, including prices and best places to buy if you ask.

Thank me later =D

I'd go with the ATI version of the 9600 unless you just get a steal with the other manufacters.

You never know how long companies that otherwise specilize ram and motherboards will maintain a "videocard" presence in the market.

However, since they use the same chipset and will all use the same catalyst drivers it really should matter.

Honestly if you are building this machine as a gaming rig you should put as much $ and ram into your videocard as you can afford. Not only does it allow you to play at higher resolutions but it allows you to get high frame rates. (at those resolutions) Allows you to play the game as it was designed to be played. (lights, shadows, shaders, etc)

If you are just building the box for the productivity, multimedia editing, and the occasional game, the 9600 All-in-wonder is a great choice.

I do not suggest getting a Radeon 9600 pro or any of the 9600s. I just got one. I tried playing my Mafia. Craps out. I tried playing Knights of the Old Republic. Craps out, even with official patch. The only one that works is GTA: Vice City. I am thinking of trading my 9600 in for a 9800.

The top of the line video card (as recommended by Sharky Extreme) is...

ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256MB
Cost: $485

Check out this link for the read up on it...


But if you are on a budget they recommend...

Sapphire Radeon 9600XT (OEM)
Current Cost: $160

read up... http://www.sharkyextreme.com/guides/MVGSBG/article.php/10708_3286311__5

If you can find a 9700pro or nonpro version go for it. These cards have the 256bit architecture and far surpass the 9600pro and down in performance, especially when you turn up the resolution and eyecandy.

thanks guys for suggestions.

I find it very hard to make a choice on what to buy. The reviews are so mixed on these cards. I heard more negative comments about ATI 9600s than good ones. Then everyone knocks any Nvidia card because of their driver screw ups.

Just don't know..

Nvidias cards are horrible in upcoming dx9 games where they drop down to half of the radeons performance in alot of cases. The 9600 pro's aren't bad but they drop alot when you go above 1280 resolutions, especially when you turn on the eye candy (AA and AF). Trust me on this one....get a 256bit grfx card and don't look back.