What's a Good Way to Suppress...

... your appetite? Ever since my wife's been pregnant, I've been eating like a BEAST. Anyone have any weight loss tricks up their sleeves when it comes to curbing one's appetite?

drink more water.
untill you feel so bloated you don't want to eat.

smoke cigarettes

^ lol never

Does drinking water really help? I actuallY DO need to drink more water though.


Rat poison

Thanks for the help, guys!

Have a cock in your mouth at all times.

You must be anorexic! :)

marij...oh wait...

Watching tapes of cro cops fall

Water definitely helps to suppress the appetite!

"You must be anorexic! :) "

If i'm hungry and it's not time to eat a meal, I do 2 things.

I'll chug a liter of water and then eat some veggies (typically brocolli)

8oz Cottage cheese and a handful of almonds

I heard smoking weed can help curb the appetite

^ Who'd you hear that from?

Imagine that Tim Sylvia has dug his fingers into the back of his shorts and then stuck them in your food.

I'm Sorry I got your wife pregnant!   J/K

Actually Coffee/Caffine is supposed to work pretty well as a mild appetite supressor.....just pass on the sugar and cream....drink it black!