what's a good way to test yourself

outside of street fights and competitions, are there any other good ways to test yourself? is it cool to drop in a school of a different discipline than your own and ask for a spar or challenge?

If you don't mind getting it handed to you every now and again, then enjoy! If you are going to other schools you have got to suck up that pride, be respectful, and getting ready for a whupping. People don't want to get beat on their home turf.

sparring isn't really testing yourself b/c you won't be going 100%.
if you are willing to go 100%, just enter a competition.

People seem to be challenging OMA these days to test themselves!

Setting up a visit to a school is always good. Fight with different people
and always give everybody respect. If there's an understanding that you
want to roll or spar hard, it's all good. Showing up to a school
unannounced with a Twisted Sister t-shirt and an attitude is bad.

Just for the record, a TWISTED SISTER T SHIRT is NEVER EVER bad!!lol

Yeah, twisted sister is frick'in boss. Going into a dojo with a gwar shirt
would turn some heads.

i know it sounds ballsy, but my intentions are respectful. i get frustrated when people can play other sports in a pick-up game at any old park. i always want to roll, and test what i learn from my school against other schools, and martial arts, but i dont want to pay $$$ and blow a whole day for 1-3 matches once every 6 months.

by the way, i have a RATT "up from the cellar" gi.

Some schools have open mats on a regular basis. Those are always fun.

My gi has a picture of Quiet Riot on it!

Hair metal patches rule