What's Best Fight Short Brand?

I'm getting ready to make my MMA debut in June and it's time for me to start looking into the brand of gear (Fight shorts and Gloves) that I'm going to be making my debut in.

1) What is the best brand of Fight Shorts in MMA?

2) What is the best brand of Gloves in MMA?

I like sprawl shorts. I fought in those shorts and those are the old school Sprawl shorts from 2003.

The Calf Cruncher

Nemesis makes a great product.

Sprawl hands down

Whoever will pay you to wear their shorts, provides the best shorts. BTW....It wont be Sprawl.


nogi shorts are good



forty thieves has some nice designs there 2

I have an old pair of SteinerWear shorts that I love....but SPRAWL is in a class of their own & Steve is awesome people & super easy to deal with

sprawl and nogi my friend


Whoever will pay you to wear their shorts, provides the best shorts.

That sounds right to me.

 Why provide a company with free advertising... Actually you are paying them to advertise for them. WTF I'd wear some regular shorts with my gym on it.

Sprawl is what I wear most of the time but Punishment Athletics also has some very nice shorts.

Truth Fightwear




the truth fightwear are nice too

Hitman FIght Gear is Hands down the best. THe always come up with new ways to beat the rest. Their new shorts are super comfy and durable. Besides they have water repelent and an antibacterial coating.

nogi are great too

followed by tapout

go with koral, best design and the most comfort


For sure #1 is    Steve Marino is cool as hell!!!!  Great company, Great service, can't say enough great things about sprawl.


Tapou is my second Fav...they get a lot of shit...but they just play the game, support the fighters, and do what they love to do.