whats better DSL or Cable

Might be a huge question but enquiring minds want to know

depends on your location and local providers.

Yeah, location plays a big hand in DSL speeds, the closer you are to your providor or the main telephone system, the better your speeds are. Cable is basically shared bandwidth, you're sharing it with all your neighbors, so if they all have cable and they're all using their systems pretty hardcore, then it effects you. But b/c DSL is your own line even if your neighbors have DSL and they're using it hardcore, it shouldn't (in theory) effect your internet speeds. Like RobRPM2222 said, it depends on your location and local providers

The "sharing" drawback of cable is a myth, IMO. I have used my computer at all hours of the day and my speeds have never changed whatsoever.

But, yeah, it all depends. Your best bet is probably to ask around at work or wherever and see what people like the most. Go for whatever gives you the most bang for the buck and doesn't require loading up a bunch of gay programs (like SBC DSL, for example).

One common difference is that DSL typically has higher upload speeds, but slower download speeds than cable.

Yeah as I understand it, the cable sharing thing doesn't really come into effect unless the system starts getting stressed.

Also, you might want to look around before making your decision. I know there are online sites that have a bunch of reviews of various ISPs based on area. Do a google search and read reviews for your area. Also, shop around, I just signed up for a high speed connection last week (cable), by going directly from my cable provider I got nothing. By ordering it at BestBuy I got a free modem (after rebates), a $50 BestBuy gift card, my frist month is free, and I have no contract so I can cancle any time I want, there's also something else I got but Ican't remember it right now. Anyways, if you're thinking of signing up then I think something like that is a good thing to do cause you get to use it for a month or two and if you don't like it you can cancle

In theory, but any reputable company will compensate for this.

Or buy a wireless network adapter and just leech :D

Barnes and Noble, malls, cafes, etc. provide day passes for free internet ... like some houses in and around the block.

"In theory, but any reputable company will compensate for this. "

A reputable cable company? Oxy-moron?

Perhaps that's how it is in your area, Alpo, but in mine I got cable (in a small college town) when it first became available. No other high speed internet was available in the place.

When I first hooked it up, I averaged 50K a second downloading. Within a week it was down to 5K. I had techs come out and look at everything, I called the HQ and chewed everyone out (since that speed was what I had gotten via dial-up), and no matter what was tried, speed remained dismal for another month. I shit-canned it.

Fast forward 2 years and I have cable again, but this time in a big city - great infrastructure, and even though 8-9 rooms in my 12 room apartment complex have cable modems, I still get anywhere from 200-400K a second download speed....

"It's not. Your cable connection eventually ends up on some sort of fiber'ish connection. The more people that go to this connection, the less throughput you get."

the biggest blockage for most users isn't the cable loop being oversubscribed, it's the upstream pipe being oversubscribed.

guess what, DSL has the same problem.

Unless your a hardcore gamer or you live next door to a telephone CO cable is usually the way to go.