What's causing the supply-chain bottlenecks?

Obviously issues with Russia-Ukraine, but outside of that, what are the main difficulties currently?

Glass cylinders



They have a faggot in charge. End of story



Independent truckers are quitting & going out of business at a drastic rate. Many shipping companies contract with these independent contractors to fulfill their obligations but they’re not available as they were in the past.

Driving force behind this?

Depends on who you listen to interview wise. fuel costs have pushed many out of business that were in locked in contracts that wouldn’t allow for increased expenses. I’ve seen other interviews with other reasons as well.

They were there long before the war… the covid plandemic…

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Its multiple things:

1 - Global covid lockdowns fucked the logistics industry hard. Countries were closing down ports at the drop of a hat and ships were often stuck at sea for months. This started to snowball. Its still an issue, China is at a standstill right now

2 - No one fully appreciated just how globalized the world had become. We have monopolies everywhere that were just dominating supply chains, but their ability to maintain supply came to a halt. Our industries have been hollowed out to the point where we rely heavily on these large conglomerates. Our supply chain is incredibly fragile as a result because we dont make anything in the west anymore. We assemble things at best, but we moved all our factories to Asia

3 - Lockdowns hurt small and medium sized businesses who could not pick up the slack. Forced shutdowns did immense damage not just to business owners, but it created a lag in supply that is being felt now. Shitlibs just never understood this with their covid hysteria.

Then Biden came…

4 - Went to war with the energy producers, which started to apply pressure to forward contracts when fuel costs started to climb. This was right out of the gates.

5 - Walked back Trumps foreign policy with the Gulf states, so local conflict started to flare up and next thing we knew rockets were flying from Palestine again. That further affected oil supplies.

6 - Printed so much money that inflation started to ramp up drastically, and logistics companies tend to feel it immediately with fuel and maintenance costs. They were trying to deny and hide this early on until it became impossible to hide, and inflation is higher than they are reporting too.

7 - Did everything they could to goad Russia into the invasion. That has killed transport routes, but also put enormous strain on the commodities market now. Its also fractured the world and pushed us into a cold war again, so we are looking at increasing trade barriers now.

Im summary , the overreaction to Covid and the wonderful performance of the Biden administration has tipped this over. Thank your retarded shitlib friends for their stupidity.

There is also no going back to how things were and this is not temporary. Russia is done, China is withdrawing and developing economies the world over are starting to rejig. There is a lot of pain of coming buddy.


There are 4million more containers coming into and out of the ports than precovid
as people were forced to stay home their money went to buying things rather than going out/ services travel etc

Then if producers didn’t have enough staff or the staff they did have got COVID and had to stay home production fell behind

Same for truckers there aren’t enough trucks to deliver the items we need. Either to make stuff or deliver it to the retailers

“We allowed supply chains to get away without having contingencies in place, resiliencies in place, and other measures to ensure humanity would never be subjected to this,” Nick Vyas, the director of the Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Southern California, told Recode.”

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Hahaha… liberal at USC doesn’t get the intel. He know’s why, just not how this happened.

If people want to know why things are a mess, know its because people like @jimmy23 vote the way he does and virtue signal the way he does.

Covid and Biden - shitlib hysteria got us here.

China lockdowns and here stateside California’s restrictions on trucking


Super complex supply chains that when functioning well are efficient and cheap, but at the cost of not being resilient. When one part breaks other parts can break - all the way down the chain. A cascading shitstorm.

Independent owner/operators can’s make a profit due to high diesel prices.

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liberal obsession with covid rules and mandates
liberal obsession with never telling people NO = no one wants to work and barely has to

in short, modern liberalism is a cancer