What's for breakfast OG?

I’m making some biscuits and deer meat gravy.

You start out with a little bacon grease. Cook your deer burger in it. Add flower. Then add milk and stir until it thickens. Then put it over the biscuits! Pics to cum!



I have some of that too! Maxwell House. Because it’s cheap as heck, but sounds fancy!

Sanka and Bison hash

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I hope that someday you find a nice rehab facility to help you free yourself of your mind altering narcotic addiction.

Never heard of either.

What’s in it?

I’m getting a deer this year. It’s been too long! I now hunt 10 acres up the road. I have a two man stand there. Love mixing bacon grease with the deer burger. Good shit OP.

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Heck yeah homie! Ms has some big deer too.

Good luck out there TK!

Breakfast was 3 hours ago, jeez.
Made a bacon egg bagel sandwich.

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I was working 3 hours ago rev!

Ham and Eggs

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I like ham and pineapple, then eggs on the side. My son got me hooked on that shit!

Lol, no. If not this I’d probably be eating a few bites of cold leftovers or a shake.

i was thinking of having a delicious bologna sandwich but then thought a cut up hotdog would be better.

i was right


You know, I used to like you. I thought to myself “I respect this fellow hunter”.

But you have proven yourself to be a detestable CUR over time! Detestable I say!

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Redemption sweet redemption!

Making some sort of cabbage, shallot, jalapeno and mushroom soup in a beef/pork broth because I’m a huge faggot.