What's for breakfast OG?

Dayyumnn sonnn!

Not sure. As a coastal elite I actually only eat beef chicken or sushi. I was just thinking of the most flyover peasant “I” state food I could think of. Next time I’ll go with Yuban and Racoon sausage.


Lol at raccoon sausage

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2 Pecan spinwheels and a chocolate milk.

That looks pretty damn good right there.

It does, but how tf does one eat that for breakfast and not immediately go into a food coma. Whenever I eat something like that for breakfast it’s at around noon and I’m fighting a hangover.

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My kid just made us Spam, eggs and homefries… delicious

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Well you dont eat the whole damn pan lol. Moderation is the key to everything in life.

Oh shush up you little weenie!

Roast beef

Who doesn’t love a good food coma? Especially on the weekends. I like to eat a meal like what KJ made, watch a couple episodes of gunsmoke, and then take a nap.



Thank you! I guess it’s a universal. The whole ‘smoke two joints in the morning’ thing always seemed a little excessive to me. I’m trying to get shit done, not watch cartoons or go surfing. At least on weekdays.


Dudes if you guys are often experiencing food comas then you need to stop eating so much.

Thanksgiving and christmas are only days of the year that you should eat until youre stuffed.

The human body operates better when the tank is half full. Not filled to the brim.

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That sounds like fantastic Sunday, not so much on a Tuesday.

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I’ve already done this today as well. Lol


So it’s true that sniffing your own farts decreases appetite.