What's going on with this Dude? (vid)

Look…I’m a hobbit-looking motherfucker with big ears, a lazy eye, and mental retardation so I’m not judging anyone for being ugly.

YouTube has been pushing me to watch this video for weeks for whatever reason so I finally clicked on it. This guy seems misshapen to me. The size of mouth to face ratio, neck to shoulder width, whatever is happening with his biceps. Is this some sort of cool disorder or just a cool new form of hobbit that no one told me about?

Content is cool and I learned some things. Subbed.


Know how we can tell you’re ghey??

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Oh…@Chris hasn’t fixed this shit.

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Watch the video, faggot!!!

Looks like he’s been eating too much shit that grew in his yard.

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He’s probably got some kind of disorder or he’s the product of inbreeding, he seems off lol.

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The ol habsburg jaw

Is that what it is. He doesn’t talk like he’s a tard but that head shape and the mouth to head ratio are crazy. I would post a pick but intense anger*

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