Whats going with rumble johnson?

Probably beating on women again

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uh. weird.

AIDS? Jk, hope recovers and is able to live a healthy life. Gotta keep that pimp hand strong!


That’s sad. Hope he pulls through.

However he could say how ill he is. He just doesn’t want to for whatever reason, which is fine.

Get well soon Rumble.

Get well Rumble. In the meantime we need Yoel to smash tonight and take his place in the tourney!

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Considering how big he got after retirement there was probably quite a bit of hgh on top of the roids. I suspect a tumor.

This is the only thing that can save this Grand Prix. The entire right side of the bracket has been ruined with the pullouts

Doesn’t sound good for AJ but hopefully it’s something minor

Staph or vid? Doesn’t sound good…

Sounds good for all of his current and future girlfriends.


A guy asks for prayers, sounds like a serious medical condition. The first 4 replies pretty much wrap up these forums.


There’s quite a bit of compelling evidence out there he isn’t the greatest human being. It’s not unfounded. This isn’t wonderboy or rose or Justin wren we’re talking about here.


Covid i guess.

You don’t know him you fucking clown shoes

I heard he banged his old lady with a morning pee boner and now he is waterlogged.

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He doesn’t know him. But he’s not illiterate either.

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If you’re going to write all that it would be good to say what the actual problem is