Whats gonna happen tonight on RAW?


This is all that wwe.com had. Sounds pretty gay. GO EUGENE!!!

"The game may finally be up for Eugene this week on RAW. After compounding a truly astounding streak of Monday night perfection with a pay-per-view win at Bad Blood, Eugene squares off against new "friend" Triple H in Miami. By luring Eugene into his good graces, the Cerebral Assassin may have set his opponent up for a hard fall. Watch to find out if William Regal's disciple will execute another winning game plan.

There should be further word on the condition of Shawn Michaels after Kane's brutal and graphic attack. What will be the fallout from the Big Red Machine's Nutter Center rampage?

Lita seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders following the positive result of her pregnancy test. Tune in (9/8 CT on Spike TV) to find out if she's talked to Matt Hardy yet ... and why Lita was anything but celebrating the news last week on RAW."

I saw the main event and thought it was pretty good. I didn't think Eugene would last that long when I first heard of him.

Props to HHH and Flair for sellinglike they did for him..true professionals.

I'm watching the tape of Raw right now...The People still love the Rock.

LMFAO @ the Tard strength and tard rage!!!!!!!!!