What's in a name?

News on the street is that the Bruce Lee Foundation (aka JKD Nucleus) has copyrighted the JKD symbol and logo (yin yang symbol w/ arrows pointing up and down, chinese characters "using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation"). NO ONE is authorized to use this logo/symbol without the permission and green light from this organization.

What are your opinions on this? Personally, a symbol or logo has nothing to do with fighting, which I think everyone involved seems to overlook throughout all this. But to come to the point of copyrighting a logo? What next?

There all a bunch of paranoid, lost souls.

What you do is what you do, the name of it doesn't/shouldn't matter and doesn't represent or categorize you. Those that feel the name is more important then the cause (preformance) is then brainwashed with image.

Beautiful Mr H.!!!

I don't have any creativity myself, so I'll use some one else's symbol. Then, so no one can steal what I've already stolen, I'll get copyrights!

Can you imagine living with one of these people? Talk about desperate...LOL

a couple small but valid points here

  1. the foundation is run by Linda Lee and her daughter, so they are Bruce's heirs

  2. the ying yang itself can't be trademarked, the one with chinese lettering can be trademarked/copyrighted and probly has been for many years.

  3. if it was only recently trademarked then it's possible that it's an invalid trademark as there has been a lot of people using that already and therefore it was a diluted trademark when they went for the trademark

however those things being said i'm not a lawyer so everyone would have to look into the actual trademark stuff of it.

also from reading the page they are saying there's more to it than just the ying yang and colourized forms of it aren't under the trademark because there they specify "black and white" but again read the trademark

for those wanting a more first hand account read this page