what's in your shell history

name the weirdest/funniest/most interesting entry.

for me- 'farking GNU bastards', after my attempt at using BSD tar syntax instead of the GNU style tar syntax on Gentoo.

What's so hard about it?

just wish there was a fucking POSIX standard so I didn't have to remember two sets of tar options.

GNU tar got all pissy when I tried to run the standard BSD tar -xzvf on a file.

not hard, just annoying.

lol, just checked my history again.

I typed -xvcf .. no wonder it was fuX0red.

lol, I was wondering what the problem was.

Of course, I haven't touched a linux machine in years. I've been strictly FreeBSD when I have been using.

Also, you've been posting a shitload all over the place. Are you on spring break or something?

I took the day off from studying because I was
supposed to be helping my sister go back to college
after spring break... didn't work out that way.