What's is good lifting routine?

I had this workout I was going to do out of muscle and fitness called "Thrasher." It was used to train olympic athletes.

The only problem is that I lost the photocopy and when I do a search on their website I come up with nothing.

So if you've heard of it or have it can anyone give me a link? If not, I need an all around regimen.

What's your goals?

Lots of pushing strength and endurance for grappling and explosive power for striking. I think I need work particularly on my back and my grip/forearms.

i always thought grappling required more pulling than pushing. pulling-in their body for a throw, pulling-in the body to control someone in your guard, pulling arms across to set up armbars. you want to keep people close in grappling, not push them away.

the only pushing movements i can think of are like the 'shrimp' and bridging to escape certain holds, neither which have a weight-lifting correlate that i can think of, hip or shoulder throws require some leg and trunk pushing, squats and deads are good here.

Yeah you're right. As you can tell I am a novice. So I should work on muscles like lats and hamstrings? Also, what are some good exercies to really beef up my forearms and get a wicked grip?

for grip, i like to do deadlifts. then for extra grip, i will do some more deadlifts. also, for variation, try some deadlifts.

deadlifts are like baby jesus to me. i worship them, and they promise me eternal happiness in return. i was using 60lb dumbbells for presses before i started deadlifting heavy. now i use the 95's.

weighted chin/pull-ups and bent rows work wonders for grip too. if you 're bored try some farmer's walks (simply grab a heavy dumbbell in each hand and walk. watch as your forearms and traps grow like weeds.)

Cool. Thanks.

lol @ baby jesus

Pushing movements, especially the legs but also upper body, are extremely important for takedowns, and thus key to wrestling. Also must a lot in escapes for wrestling. Pushing movements with the legs are also used extensively in the guard for submission wrestling-- you're always pushing off of the mat, your opponent's hips, etc with your feet. Most shoulder, wrist, and toe holds involve pushing with at least one arm.

You may be referring to the prog by Istvan "Steve"
Javorek which appeared in M&F entitled "Power Thrash" or something like it.

Do a google search on Javorek to access his site.
You will also find an article by Charlie Newkirk at girevik magazine which summarises the prog.

The prog basically comprises a series of exercises
using the same barbell or dumbell for reps of 3 or 6 linked together circuit style. I have never tried it but it looks worth exploring for conditioning. Whether it works as well as an orthodox strength training
prog I do not know.