What's left to look forward to after 189?

Aldo/McGregor is easily the biggest fight of the year. What's left? Possibly if McGregor/Aldo gets another fight in by say December, that would be awesome against Mendes or Frankie.

Weidman/Rockhold sounds awesome but nothing to get super excited for. DC/Gus may not even happen this year.

Ronda, ehh. Only other fight im super ecstatic for Dillashaw/Barrao 2. Phone Post 3.0

Nothing stands out, just a homogenous string of watered down fight nights, all of them virtually identical. Life sux bro Phone Post 3.0

Death Phone Post 3.0

Honda, Shogun/Nog190 isn't the worst, Dillashaw/Barao on fox is awesome.  Summer has always had one awesome card, one okay card right after and then filler until a big fight in sept.