Whats Mir Doing About....

..his poor cardio (can't say "suspect" anymore). He was gassed against Wes "Can't Believe they keep askin' me back" Simms. Has anyone heard if he's even acknowledged he needs work in this area? I'm hoping not to be disappointed come fight time.

Probably won't last long enough for it to be a factor.

Man, I'm so behind Mir in this fight, but I just can't see how he's going to win... Sylvia is frighteningly underrated herre, and I thinks this is going to turn out to be a very disappointing title fight.

Please Frank make me look like a loser, let's see a sub.

Frank is much much much much better on the ground and if he can take him down he will win... but... im not so sure he can. If he cant he will lose.

Mir will be gassed by the second round and will get ktfo.

He gasses when he's on top of people trying to sub them. Imagine what he's gonna be like after 5 mins of getting his takedown stuffed. I really cant see Mir winning this one.

You have to think that MIr is doing everything he can cardio wise so he wont gas. His huge paydays are well worth the hard work.

You'd think if you were the consummate professional, you'd make sure you didn't look like you barely eked out a win after struggling through a round and a half with the most unskilled guy in the UFC.

Your Father is correct

Mir will have a lot of people (me included ) eating crow if he can pull this one off. It's a tall (pun intended) order. I am pulling for Mir but realistically I cannot see how.

Like a lot of people, I'm rooting for Mir, but don't see how he can win this one.

Wonder what the odds will be on this one

Mir doesn't have the stand up, stamina, or wrestling for this one. if Tim fights the exact same fight he did against Ricco, it'll end the exact same way

I don't see how anybody could think that Mir will win this. We've already seen this fight against Ricco, who is a better, bigger version of Mir.

Sylvia by KO early in round one in the most obvious fight of the night.

It is pretty simple. Tim wins if it stays up. Frank wins if it hits the ground. If Frank scores the takedown and gets on top it will be over quickly.

I also gotta go with Sylvia in the first. I don't think Mir can take him down and Sylvia hits way too hard for Mir to stand with him. I expect a KO.

I think it will end early with Sylvia getting the K.O. Even if it hits the ground I don't think its a guarantee Mir will end it quickly, he couldn't finish sims there. I think Sylvia could avoid getting subbed for a couple minutes by then Mir would be gassed.

Yeah Groundcontrol, Mir wasn't really close to tapping Sims, and if Sylvia just hunkered up and waited it out, I think its probably even more likely that Mir will gas himself out. Again I hope I'm wrong.

This fight is SYLVIA/RODRIGUEZ all over again.
3 minutes is all Tim will need.

Mir wins, ala Tank submission.

MIR will lose.

mir silvia=silvia ricco mk2.same result same beatdown