Whats Mir Doing About....

Some people's cardio want get very good no matter what you do. I think Mir is one of those people. He's a great fighter but he's allways gonna have limited cardio. Silvia will K.O. him. This is the fight to bet on for easy money.

Frank Mir have poor Cardio? That's like saying Neil Armstrong ain't land on the moon!

"Frank wins if it hits the ground. If Frank scores the takedown and gets on top it will be over quickly."

Everybody said the exact same thing about Sims.

it could be genetic

"Frank wins if it hits the ground. If Frank scores the takedown and gets on top it will be over quickly."

He couldn't do jack with Sims despite having him on the ground most of the fight.

"How is KTFO someone barely eked out a win?"

I know, it sounded stupid. I meant that up until the KO, he looked like shit and I imagine most of us predicted Sims would destroy him in another few seconds.

That was one of the most beautiful combos I've seen. He looked a lot more effective on his feet than on the ground.

The big question would be what is Mir going to do about that chin of his?I can't wait to see Sylvia smash his prettyboy image in when he nails him with that big right hand!

Cardio is one of Mir's obvious faults.

The thing that amazed me about the second Sims fight was that he spent like 4 minutes in the fully mounted position and was STILL tired.

If you get tired being in the most advantageous position in fighting, then you have problems IMHO.

I think that Mir has the ability to get the fight on the ground, but if he couldn't finish Sims then he can't finish Tim.

Sylvia by 2nd round KO IMHO.

I like Frank's fights. Win or lose they have been ebtertaining. I think Frank better have a great stratagy for this one, because Tim is a powerful,accurate puncher who can avoid the takedown well. Frank will need to set up that TD better than Ricco"Here I come!" Rodriguez. Ricco telegraphed his TD's on Sylvia badly,probably due to intimidation. Frank will have to be a step ahead and I don't know if he can do that.

from what i hear, mir was not training hard for the sims fight.  two months before the fight, he got in about five days of training for the entire month

mirs only weakness is cardio and i dont think that will come into play i think mir will get the early take down and sub i think his take downs are a lot better than riccos until he starts to gas and the same for his striking

"i think mir will get the early take down and sub i think his take downs are a lot better than riccos"

Ah, incorrect.

I read a Frank Mir interview where he described his training. His cardio consisted of running 2-3 miles about 3 times a week and alot of grappling......OBVIOUSLY this explains his lack of conditioning. He's so sure he's going to sub everybody quickly he doesn't take his cardio serious enough. Hopefully this will change cuz he is an exciting sub fighter.

Ricco was way better then Silva on the the ground and he still got KOed

I used to think Mir would have big edge if on the the ground. But really, if he couldn't tap Sims, he's not likely to tap Tim. Tim trains with MFS, Sims trains, and has learned subs defense, from Coleman and Kevin. Hard to think Tim isn't at least as good at sub defense, and he's sure to be a helluva lot more active on the ground than Wes.

I think Mir has a shot of winning against Sylvia. Mir will struggle to get Sylvia down, but remember he did KO a much bigger Wes Sims. Mir's standup is better than most people give him credit for, I think he will weather the storm that Sylvia dishes out on his feet and then he will take Sylvia down and get a sub.

YF: He's my boy as well, but the devastation Ricco copped has GOT to lay out some groundwork for what will happen in this fight for Mir. Two things about modern MMA. No one is just one style EVER anymore, and no one is undefeatable. So obviously anyone saying Mir doesn't have a chance is off base, but he's the underdog alright.

True Pulsar. Look at Kevin-Cro Cop, or Hughes-BJ. The smallest window can mean the end for anybody.

I don't think it's impossible for Frank to get some crazy quick sudden sub, but dealing with Tim's power and size is gonna mean the longer it goes, the less his chances are.

Even if Mir manages to flop to guard, I think Tim will just use those long arms to punch him like Freeman did. But I'd like to see Sylvia on the ground.

Silva definatelly has advantage in this fight.

I'm just trying to be objective, and as a big time Frank fan, I've been racking my brains over what he can do.... The sad thing is I come up empty handed each time I think about it.

however, You make a good point with hughes v Penn and Cop v KR... I'd love to see something truely awesome and dynamic from Mir (a sub finish in a HW title fight would be gold), but I'm just going to hope this time rather than blindly say he'll win. (Which I did with M hughes).

Sylvia by brutal 1st round KO.