What's missing in modern MMA

People who go 100% with no consequence of losing but focused on finishing. More people these days seem timid and fight not to lose rather then to win convincingly.

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Mirco, and Fedor also go for the finish as well. Which is awesome. I noticed that most wreslters who do well end up winning by decision a lot (Couture, Koshek, etc).

I don't think it's so much that they don't want to finish as it is they are playing it safe.

It's inevitable isn't it? When you have a set period, set rounds, and judges. When it's a sport with judges and decisions? And then finally add in the money and/or fame factor....

If you don't have to finsih to win, many will simply opt for the win...

I still think it's a very exciting sport, I still love it, but I see what you are saying

"More people these days seem timid and fight not to lose rather then to win convincingly."

Thats because the fickle ass fans will forget about them after one loss.

Russian fighters still bring it, imo.

I agree. I'd rather watch a guy who goes out, gives 100% and end's up getting caught then a guy who goes out, gets up on points and wins every time

"Couture has never NOT gone for the finish, but the first Pedro fight taught him a lesson about not being methodical enough"

I don't know that I agree with that. Other than that first knock down he didn't look like he was going for the finish with Tim. It looked more like he was going for total domination, which to me was every bit as good, and still made for an extremely good, exciting fight.

we need more realness and less hype...........


For sure

there will slways be a place for the entertainers of this sport i hope

easy solution - pay bonus for finishing!

Or 3 10 minute rounds

Whats realy missing is more Hakima Pants. Who the fuxx was that wearing hakima pants in that highlight reel?

lol..I think that was Nishida.

On a side note I like the "show" that fighters like Genki Sudo and Gono bring. It makes it interesting