What's my name?!?

http://youtu.be/kTshRqDxYGA Phone Post 3.0


What do I win?

You win if you post the vid Phone Post 3.0

That's why they call me slim shady

I'm back

I'm back Phone Post 3.0

I'm a team player lol.

DaveFu wins. Yeah sure, you can call me Fletcher. Phone Post 3.0

Since that video didn't suck, you're no felcher.

Snoop Doggy, Doooo--ooo-ooooG
Snoop Doggy, Doooo--ooo-ooooG
Bow wow wow yippy oh yippy ay, Bow wow wow wow yippy ay

TTT Phone Post 3.0

Tuesday morning crew. We've all been in this situation. Phone Post 3.0