What's new on Xbox?

What should I be playing these days? I haven't tried out a 'new' game since xmas, with my last batch of games being Starwars Battlefronts, Halo2, NFSU#2, Riddick... probably the best of the bunch being Battlefronts.

Where should I spend my hard earned cash now, or what should I be saving for in anticipation of its release in the near future?

Hey Jason, I'm looking forward to the new crop too.... Lots of really good stuff in the next month down South here.

Personally, I'm looking forward to Mercenaries and Mechassault 2... To satiate my want for random and wanton destruction. I've been playing a little Crusaders, which isn't bad. There's also the Punisher which looks fun.

Then there's DOA ultimate, the best fighting game on consoles. NFS2U wasn't bad, completed that too over Xmas. The pre-Xmas releases for the box IMO, sucked. Call of Duty, MK, bloody Blinx and crap. Everything comes out in Feb.

not extremely new, but if you don't have it, get burnout 3. its an awesome smash 'em up racer. shitty soundtrack, but you can add your own.

I'm diggin Ghost Recon 2.

February is good, yes.

March is simply unbelievable, though.

February has Winning Eleven 8 (supposedly best soccer franchise on a console), Project: Snowblind (Halo type shooter), and Brothers in Arms (has the potential to surpass the PC's Call of Duty as best WWII shooter). I may get Snowblind, depending if it gets great reviews, and I will most definitely get Brothers in Arms. The trailers for it are just mind-blowing. It has amazing graphics, amazing sound, supposedly great AI, and most importantly, you actually have serious control over a squad of rifleman, like in Full Spectrum Warrior or even Freedom Fighters. Unlike FSW, you actually control a shooter as well, and unlike FF it's supposed to be realistic. And best of all - in multiplayer it's not just your single guy against a single enemy, it's your squad against his squad. This I have to see!

March has the following slated for release: Star Wars: Republic Commando (like Brothers in Arms but in space, you control a squad of clone troopers), Cold Fear (Resident Evil type game), Fight Night Round 2 (boxing sim), Close Combat (like BIA and SW:RC, but this is set in modern day combat with Marines doing urban pacification - what's with the sudden glut of shooters with squad control?), Doom 3 (earliest reviews say it beats Halo 2), Timesplitters 3 (another great shooter franchise), Iron Phoenix (think Dead or Alive Online, but you can have multiple people in a single fight, like Unreal Tournament 2004), and Splinter Cell 3. And those are just the games that suit my particular taste, there are many more coming. I'll most likely get Doom 3 and SW:RC, and I'll see how reviews are for the others.....

Oh yeah, Pulsar has spoken the correct - the pre-XMas games weren't so hot (except for KOTOR 2 and Prince of Persia 2), and Mercenaries, Punisher, and Mechassault are the cream of the crop right now. Small warnings - Mercenaries RULES, it is a timesink and will eat you alive ;-) Punisher may not be your cup of tea if you don't really like the comic, and Mechassault has weak single player but phenomenal multiplayer.

Word up Ted! Good catch on some of the FPS's. Unreal Championship 2, Snowblind and Brothers in Arms will all be good fun, Star Wars: Commando too.

I played the Mechassault mode where they keep coming to death in split screen co-op... On the Dirt level we got up to like 150 kills each. Literally 15-20 mechs coming after us... Setting off a 100ton mech's core was AWESOME, everything just goes up.

Oh yeah, and we've got Winning Elven 8 already (in Aus some Euro games we get before the States)... AND IT FUCKING RULES!!! We've been bashing it for the last 2 weeks. Every night 4-6 games. Any sport fan should appreciate the work gone into it. BEAUTIFUL simulation, and now I know why it single-handedly sold so many Xboxes in Europe.

Now that's what I call a response (better than some of my recent posts on other forums).

I played Timesplitters (#2 I suppose) with my brothers around xmas and was impressed with the manic speed of the game + bots... shame Halo 2 didn't incorporate the same else I'd still be playing that no doubt!

BIA sounds good... I liked FSW (even if it was a tad easy by the end) so anything that is able to leverage off the good points of that game is probably worth a look. Mechassult 2 does sound/look good too (saw some ads for it in the xbox mag).

Pity my poor wife come Feb by the sounds of it!

BTW whats the go with Xbox Live here in Oz? I suspect it is too expensive to really make it worth the effort?

Haven't really hooked it up Jason... I've got a pretty good pc too, and I tend to play on-line games with that.

From reports though, it's actually pretty damn speedy down here. I'm not sure if there's any other Aussie guys here who play live. Hopefully the'll respond.

And just in case you had any pocket change left, here are some of April's titles:

Dead to Rights 2 (1st was iffy, but this one promises to blend shooting and hand-to-hand in a nice package), Advent Rising (dark horse candidate for game of the year, perhaps the first console game with a truly divergent and branching storyline based on your actions; games like KOTOR have two endings, this one may have a dozen or more), Predator (based on the movies), Forza Motorsport, Unreal Championship 2 (shooting and swords? sign me up!), Psychonauts (decent word of mouth so far), Area 51 (another shooter that has great word of mouth), and Jade Empire (Bioware's new RPG, sort of like Kung Fu meets KOTOR - buzz is high for this to be RPG of the year and perhaps game of the year).

And T-Man has launched the correct into the air with a road rage collision - Burnout 3 is another addictive game that will eat up your time. Put it this way - I hate racing games, and this is still one of my favorites.

Man I loved Spy Vs Spy on my Apple IIe... a right classic!

"I played Timesplitters (#2 I suppose) with my brothers around xmas and was impressed with the manic speed of the game + bots... shame Halo 2 didn't incorporate the same else I'd still be playing that no doubt!"

So damn true.

Is timesplitters 2 available on the xbox? I thought the series was on the ps2?

Yeah, Timesplitters 2 is on the XBox. It was pretty highly rated back in the early days right when the XBox was released...