what's next for Chael Sonnen?

Apparently Chael had to pull out of his upcoming fight with Alex Steibling because there is another fight in the works. Anyone know any more than that? What event, what opponent, when?

Seeing as how the next UFC card is full (to my knowledge) it would seem that if it were in fact UFC, then it would be awhile before he could get in the UFC anyway, so he shouldn't have to cancel an upcoming fight. So what else could it possibly be?


The A vs B theory doesn't always hold up. Chael beat Babalu (albeit a lot of contraversy, I still don't know if that was the 'official' call) who won the IFC tourney that night.

I'm not saying Chael is any more or less qualified than Griffin, I'm just saying that their fight doesn't really prove anything one way or the other. Anyway, this thread is about what's up with Chael...so what's up?

The Griffin-Sonnen bout at IFC was interesting. Sonnen shot for and got a good double-leg takedown on Griffin after 10 seconds, but Griffin had the better standup and ground game ultimately.

I am sorry that Sonnen dropped off the wec card, but glad that Riggs is on it. Hope to see Sonnen in the cage again soon.

I was ringside at Chael-Babalu. Babalu won, no question.
You all know about the problems at the Hitman events, and
that the official results didn't mean shit. Chael did not in a
million years beat Babalu.

I didn't see the Chael-Babalu fight, but accounts I've heard say Chael won r1, Babalu came back in r2.

Regardless of who did what and what the official result is, the real contraversy is in the fact that after the first round, the fight was changed from 3 rounds to 2, and only Babalu was told this! Chael went in to round 2 thinking he needs to conserve his energy for a 3rd round, Babalu went in knowing it was the final round and that he better go for the kill.

The end result of that fight is that they need to have a rematch.

We saw Sonnen with cornerman Matt Lindland in the lobby before the Denver IFC months ago. He was absolutely relaxed and cool an hour before the event. We chatted a little, and Chael asked "Do you know anything about Forrest Griffin? I haven't seen any of his tapes, and don't know anything about him." I hadn't seen Forrest either, but heard he was good. We saw Chael after his loss to Forrest, and he looked upset, with head pointed down. Forrest's second match against Jeremy Horn was a highlight of the night, with Horn's high-kick KO.

Forrest is man! He has finished 2 fights with significant injuries and won both.