what's next for Chris Wilson?

 don't seem to see his name on any of the upcoming cards. Anyone know who/when his next fight is?

He probably does? Haha. I think he was posting yesterday. TTT for Chris.

 Hello Mr. Brad U.

Still sportin' the beard? Haven't seen you for awhile.

I am in Brazil training and visiting family (in-laws and childhood friends). 

I have spent most of my time training BJJ with Nova Uniao friends in exchange for helping them prepare for MMA competitions here in my little town but will probably head to Rio to train at the HQ for NU and at Nog's gym in December.

My original fight got postponed from Nov 15th to Dec 10. Then, it got bumped again. Joe was kind enough to work with me on the dates because I had planned everything around Dec 10, so when he suggested Dec 27 I had trouble making that schedule. Long story long, it appears he is working on something for me in January. I suspect I will be on the Dublin or Vegas card on the 17th or 31st respectively. I still haven't heard about an opponent but as usual will wait for them to announce it once it gets signed.

There is a wealth of talent in my division and I think there are tons of great matches. Plus, I have the advantage of everyone thinking they are better than me...



Wilson/Hazelett, IMO.

I love watching this guy fight. Hope to see him soon.

starring in a new film with his brothers luke and owen

TTT for Chris.

Great fighter with a very bright future still ahead!

I would like to see him against Swick.

I'd like to see Chris vs. anyone. He's the mang.

chris and swick that is a greta matchup

*edit* that wasn´t nice, I shouldn´t say that