Whats next for lambert?

Jason Lambert is 3-0 in the UFC all with finishes. What is next for him after he smokes Rashad?
An eventual title shot?

If he beats Rashad maybe Forrest or Babalu

Kid is a beast! great attitude and in a great camp too

If he beats Rashad, I think he should be respectfully ranked #10 world LHW.

Him and Evans are the real deal. And are the future of the UFC LHW division.

ttt I am not a huge rashad fan and wouldn't mind him getting a loss and if anyone could do it I would like it to be Lambert.

WHEN he beats rashad imo

The winner will probably get Forrest or Babalu.

The loser will get someone like Gouveia, Jardine, or maybe Eric Schafer???

All good stuff IMO.