What's next for LAUZON????

Congrats to Joe for a great fight this weekend! Who's next for a shot at that title.... Ciotoli, Gilrein, or should M. Brown get a rematch?

Any of these would be worth another trip to MASS.

I'd like to see Joe branch out. Right now, he's the biggest name in Mass, probably New England. I'd like to see him head up to Apex, AFC, or MFC, something like that. The kid is a stud, and he has a bright future ahead of him. He deserves all the success he's getting.

have him fight edson diniz in afc that could be interesting.

Mike Brown would definitely deserve a rematch if he wanted it...

I don't think Ciotolli can fight anymore, since he would have to register as a pro fighter in MA (which would conflict with NCAA regulations), and Lauzon has already convincingly beaten Gilrein and Brown. Personally, I'd like to see him fight Gesias again, at 155 (Lauzon got robbed of the decision in their first fight, and Gesias came in over 15 lbs heavier for their second fight)

I think it'd be fun to see him heel hook the shit out of Manny Reyes too

I have one more fight scheduled October 30th for the Terror in Taunton Show that I am excited about, then everything is free. Ill see where this goes.

Bring on Kimbo.

biggie is right about ciotolii. I don't think a fight with Gilrein would turn out any different than their first fight.

mike brown would be deserving of a rematch, but would also like to see Joe head out to those other organizations. edson sounds like an interesting match up.

Joe - personally I think you should start to fight out side of New England, time to show the rest of the US what you can do. Good job last Saturday night.

Jim de

Thanks Jim, I think you might be right.

i'd like to see lauzon challenge kurt pellegrino for the reality fighting lightweight title. i don't think elvis garcia is ever going to be able to defend his ring of combat belt, so maybe lauzon could face nardu deborah for that one too.

Marcus Davis has dropped to 155 that would be a great test for both fighter.......
Congrats to Joe & Mike for a great fight Sat Night!

Hey Joe, we have a great angle of your fight. e-mail me at bblast@hotmail.com andIll get one to you after we make some copies.

Good luck Joe and great win.

Actually I graduated from Ithaca College, so there is no conflict with the NCAA. I am willing and eager to fight Lauzon if he'll face me. I think it would be a great fight.

Ryan Ciotoli

At this point, it's great cause there is no rush at all. A big win
over a UFC vet is the perfect springboard to hit all kinds of
shows, see fighters from different areas and pick up some
new challenges after the TIT fight. But really the only opinion
that ulitmately matters is Joes. either way I'll bet the future will
include some crazy subs. I was leery at first about a
Pellegrino fight, he's such a tough dude, but what a great

Conradulations Joe on your victory Sat. night. We are looking forward to you fighting for us on Oct 30th.




Nuri, JLau, the card is sloowly takin shape and the suspense
is killin me!

Lauzon Vs. Ciotoli would be just like there grappling match at NAGA, joe would be looking to finish where ryan having better wrestling skills will get the takedown and stall in joes guard and not look to finish... and joe needs to fight somewhere out of Mass.