Whats next for Ricky Hatton ?

Who would be the best choice for his next fight in 2008 ?

Ricky Hatton was winning in the beginning!! Mayweather looked like he was losing the rounds, but then toward the end, Mayweather picked Ricky apart.

Maybe Junior Witter?

For sure he should move back down to 140 and stay there. IMO he wouldn't do well against Miguel Cotto, Paul Williams, etc.

Shane Mosley?

Mosely, Cotto, Williams, Margarito, are all too big/strong for him. He's not meant for 147. If he admitted that he was surprised by how strong Mayweather was what would he do against a legit big 147-lber? Mayweather ko'd him and feather fisted Collazo hurt him a couple of times at this weight. He needs to go back down to 140 and wait for some names to move up to him.

agree 100%. PBF was too big for him and he is a very small 147... Hatton is a very good fighter but not good enough to do much outside his own weight class.

His next fight will be in the UK.

Obvious choices are Gavin Rees the WBA 140 champ or Junior Witter the WBA champ.Both are British.

Or Paul Malignaggi the IBF champ.

"Obvious choices are Gavin Rees the WBA 140 champ or Junior Witter the WBA champ.Both are British.

Or Paul Malignaggi the IBF champ."

I hope its not Rees - boring.

I would like to see Witter as I love watching post-Zab Witter fight.

Lol at Witter thinking it would be a huge domestic draw though. No-one knows who he is it would be just another Hatton fight to most people.

Its like Woods saying JC v him would be the biggest fight ever.

Mosely is the logical choice, but he could always just take on whoever his mandatory is instead

Hatton would kill Malignaggi

hatton is going no where near mosley. he has learned his lesson at 147. he is going back down to 140. he will have a tune up fight and then fight junior witter.

for the people asking how he did, he faught a great fight, showed mad heart, but in the end was outclassed. i have a ton of respect for ricky hatton

oh yeah, i meant Hatton vs Mosely at 140, if that were possible

whoever Hatton fights next, it will definately be at 140

Mosley is too big for Hatton IMO.

i thought it was pretty much signed that hatton would fight golden boy next?

no, that was if Hatton won. Cotto/DLH is what's rumored to be next there now

Im sure oscar at this stage cares only what will generate more $$$$

Cotto/DLH in the states or Hatton/DLH in the UK.

I think Hatton makes him more money

i actually dont think oscar cares about the money at this point in his career. imo he has tried to build his legacy. he fought b-hop and floyd to go out on a high note, accomplishing something grand. he could make a ton of money touring the country fighting second tier fighters. his name is enough to bring $

there are alot better ways to make moneyt hen move up to MW to face a guy with 20+ title defenses or face the best P4P fighter since Sweet Pea.

as for hatton, i think he is great for boxing and seems like a straight up good guy, but he never should have went to 147, and i doubt he ever will again. his game is built around his strength and tenacity and when he is giving up the size advantage he becomes an average fighter with heart.

I think they will rebuild Hatton at 140, make a couple decent but good-money defenses, before letting Witter ANYWHERE near him. Witter is fast, hungry, twitchy, and a complete bitch to fight.

Witter is awkward for anyone but won't be able to box and keep Hatton off him the way Mayweather did.

I really hope this is Hattons' next fight.

Junior Witter has revealed he is in negotiations to set up a battle of Britain against Ricky Hatton.

The WBC light-welterweight champion has challenged the 'Hitman' to meet him in the ring for a number of years.

Having watched the Mancunian's perfect record ended against Floyd Mayweather at the weekend, the Bradford fighter has restated his case.

A deal with New York-based Paulie Malignaggi had looked the most realistic prospect for Hatton next, but Witter has still not given up his hopes.


Witter told the Manchester Evening News: "My people are speaking to him. This is the obvious next fight for Ricky. A real fight, battle of Britain.

"The fans want to see it and I don't care whether it's held in the City of Manchester Stadium or wherever, even London.

"I don't think what happened in Vegas makes any difference. He's going to want to fight me more than Mayweather.

"He hates me and I don't mind. When I box, I box the best and he is one of the best in the world."


And Hatton also mentioned on skysports.com his team are contemplating a rematch with mayweather.

He should steer well clear of that IMO and well clear of the welterweight division.