what's next for Robbie Lawler....

seems like since his last fight verse Niko..nobody has heard much from him. anyone know when he is fighting again?

thought he had a scheduled vitale rematch

I think he has a 4 or 5 fight deal with ICON.

You'll be getting a call from him around dinnertime asking if you're satisfied with your current wireless phone carrier.

Diaz hit him right on the button along with a combination of dehydration wich means less fluid in the brain. Lawler was dropping from 200 lbs to 170 back then. He showed a decent chin vs Riley

his first fight with Vitale was one of the most exciting fights ever

Niko/Lawler was outstanding. A fight with Mayhem might be even better.

Man I want to go back to Hawaii now.


"Lawler is awful and 1 dimensional."

You sir have no clue what your talking about.


wierd i heard nothing about the vitale rematch.

i gotta find a video or p b p

I believe lawler has a very bright future ahead of him

I'd love to see him in the UFC, but I know fighting is a business to him and if Icon pays more, so be it

Diaz would be giving up like 30 lbs today.

TTT for Lawler.

Not to discredit diaz's win but i think if they fought 4 more times, lawler wins all four....diaz just happened to catch lawler right on the button and that was it. robbie obviously has a chin if you have seen any of his other fights.

"Lawler is awful and 1 dimensional"

Instant Ban please... lol.

Lawler got caught with a perfect punch, and that was so long ago. Watch his recent fights before acting like you know what your talking about. Diaz has been trying to land that same punch ever since, and has simply failed. That is the perfect example of "anything can happen in a fight".

Lawler smokes Diaz and Mayhem.

robbie is "hapa" and has special powers here in hawaii. this means he can hole local babes at will.


Lawler vs. Mayhem sounds pretty dam good.

so he lost to tanner...who was champ at one point..where is the shame in that...doesn't mean lawler isn't talented.

didnt lawler break his hand in the last niko bout? i thought that was
part of the reason he was laying low...

Robbies hand is doing a lot better.