What's Next For Shane Rice?

I think it is worth mentioning that Shane Rice is not big at all for the 145 pound weight class. In fact, it could be argued that he, like Nancoo, is a little too small for it. This makes his win that much more impressive.

The fight for Nancoo is against Hominick. This is the only 145 pounder he has real business with in TKO. Except for that fight, Nancoo should be fighting at a lighter weight. But first the business against the larger Mark Hominick.

Later, Shane Rice vs. Nancoo would be a good one provided they fight at a lighter, more natural weight. This would, presumably, require the fight to take place in another organization.

This being said, I wonder who at 145 pounds in Canada will step up and fight Wagnney sometime after Christmas. Storyline and hype aside, who in this country at 145 pounds wants to try?

its so easy.. the match making is simple. .wagnney has to fight Kimbo (aka abdullah bird) next..

i believe the no1 contender in tko is vigneault. also i believe that shane must rematch against hominick within 6 months if hominick wants it. i don't usually like immediate rematches. what intuitively makes sense to me is that shane fights vigneault, hominick fights nancoo, and the two winner square off.

congrats to shane on a beautiful performance.

btw, shane would love to fight hominick whenever he wants, and also vigneault, as he stated in the ring directly after the fight.

ttt 4 the TKO LW division. Great champs holding the belts. On top of that, they at least have the belts in use. UFC please pay attention.

I don't see Monkey taking on Wagnney.

Rice will fight Simba in a rematch. It's a great chance for TKO to have a French champion. Although I would take Rice in a rematch.

On the same card you have Mark fight the Monkey in a rematch. The winner of this will take on the Champion.

Karmarep has set it out nicely.

Monkey has to fight Hominick !

Winner takes on the champ.then we can talk about the title fabiano holds.

Is Wagney having a tough time finding fights?

Also, unless there is an automatic rematch clause in Rice/Hominicks contract, then giving an immediate rematch is not a good idea at all from a management viewpoint, imo. It is very dangerous for Rice to do so, and this isn't pro boxing, the payoff won't justify it.


"The SLW division is looking to be the best class in TKO right now."

Absolutely agreed. Very tough division with lots of great fighters.

Isn't Rice under exclusive contract with TKO for Canada???

I believe if you hold a TKO Canadian belt you can only fight in Canada for them.

hamzeh, i believe there is in a fact a rematch clause... don't quote me, cause i don't know, but i think the way it works is that shane must fight hominick within 6 months if hominick wants or something like that, so the way i understand it, it is up to hominick.

I agree with Demandango that Rice vs Vigneault makes the most

Although there's most likely a rematch clause and Rice will face
Hominick next, if it weren't for that, I think Vigneault deserves a

Not only has Simba waited long enough for his shot but he has
racked up some great wins and marketing wise it makes sense to
offer a local fighter a shot.

Also, remember how Nancoo was refused his immediate rematch
against Hominick because policy was that he had to win before
getting a rematch?

Rice vs Vigneault and Hominick vs Nancoo and then the winner of
each facing each other is a great buildup.

TTT for Simba getting a shot!

Diaz and Vigneault should fight for #1 contendership.

"Not only has Simba waited long enough for his shot but he has racked up some great wins and marketing wise it makes sense to offer a local fighter a shot."


I agree 100%, Simba deserves a title shot.