What's next for Tito and Forrest?

Both guys lost at UFC 66...who would you like to see them fight next???

Here are some possible fights I would like to see:

Tito/Forrest 2,
Forrest/Jardine 2...eventually, but not right now. I think Forrest would win the rematch.

That's right...he's fighting in Jan. so I wasn't thinking of him as an immediate fight for either one. But that's a fight I would like to see with either guy.

I'm not a big fan of Rashad's...don't care for his style much, but he does get the job done. He only looked impressive against Lambert, imo.

I'd like to see Tito/Babalu and Forrest/Bisping. What I'd love to see is Vera renew his contract and drop down to LHW. Obviously the UFC isn't interested in giving him a shot at Tim.

I wouldn't be too surprised it it's each other...

Tito - bagging groceries
Forrest - taking them out to the car


Tito/Rampage would be awesome, but we all know that'll never happen. But Forrest/Rampage would also be exciting.

Tito or Forrest vs Bisping would be interesting. I think it's too soon to see Tito/Forrest 2 right now. Rematches are nice sometimes, but only when it's a necessity or plenty of time has passed.

I would love to see Tito/Jardine as well.

Rashad vs either these guys would make a hard fight for either guy I think, but not necessarily exciting. Rashad was impressive in his last fight, but we'll see how he does on the 25th. Hopefully he's learned how to finish a fight like he did with Lambert.

I'd like to see Forrest get a "confidence builder" for his next fight though, I think he may need it after seeing the way he handled his loss to Jardine. No disrespect intended.