What's Shonie Carter's Judo background

I've seen some videos of him teaching some no gi judo for MMA. Just wondering anybody here knows what his judo background is? Where he trained?

I believe had trained judo under Bob Schermer at the Combat-Do Academy.

his judo isnt bad. he did alright as a collegiate player-- during that time i think there were 2 and 4 year college divisions, so he would not have competed with guys from places like SJSU and the OTC...

i dont remember him winning the major tournaments in and around the midwest when i was a kid or teen coming up.

well since you asked, 1st dan 1996 in Tennessee
1st dan completion in tokyo, japan
All american NJCAA 4th nationally
Tenessee state 2x middleweight champion
black belt runner-up
2x North carolina middleweight state champion
going to train under Dr. Ron Tripp US Judo Pres soon!
any other questions on resume


Never seen your judo outside of mma but you sure are a damn potent fighter.

well, that would answer it... i was mistaken. i thought he was from the Chiacgo area... he is an East coast fella.

Josh, I thought he was from shy town also.

IPU.. perhaps, but i could still treat you like a brick in the Hulk's hands.

IPU: No, I've seen JoshuaRoll and know who he's trained with... He's squash you there too.

IPU is usually pretty good at trolling, but that post is pretty weak

My friend with 8 months of training tapped Pedro at a camp while rolling.

Rolling doesn't mean shit.