What's so bad about Avril video?

Some people commenting it was worst video ever and career ender.

Watched it and it is kind of stupid and music is predictably bad but no worse than most pop music today.

Is this just hatred for Nickleback?

Just seems like a failed attempt at going all full retard gwen stefani.

Vid? Phone Post 3.0

She's fine.

Her and chad are one creepy couple. I want to slap that goatee off of him Phone Post 3.0

what avril video?

Shes got a song out written by Chad Kroeger about petting her kitty or something

angryinch -

what avril video?

This. Phone Post 3.0

i dont know what yall are talking about, but she is super fine

in googling avril lavigne, the first result was hello kitty, i guess this is what yall are talking about, i shall embed it

edit: fighting beat me to it

lol its so bad

I made it to :58 in.   Please god make it stop!!!!!

that is so bad, but honestly, i wouldnt know if that was popular or not if i didnt see this thread

although, the other day i was celebrating 4/20 and the "turn down for what" video came on and i watched the whole thing and was bewildered, in a good way i guess

Wonder if it was for the Asian market? Phone Post 3.0

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edit: fighting beat me to it

Sorry!  I was waiting for you, I kept refreshing the page then just said fuck it. 

lol, i got caught up reading an article about why it was racist, then started watching the video. you can have this one. i'm about to turn this thread into a thread about how hot she is

oh yea, the real travesty is her going with that dumb fuck hairstyle