Since everyone else is making threads about artists I thought I'd throw one out there.  Sure Alex Ross' art looks nice but I don't think it's anything spectacular just because it's painted.  Convince me I'm wrong.

He goes to his favourite resturant and signs a napkin and doesnt have to pay for anything (true). His painting is well respected and he designed the lay out of the Academy awards one year

For me, it's his attention to detail, life like images and clean, simple design that make him an oustanding artist.

I'm not into him either. All his heroes look exactly the same. They all look like they're 55 years old and have these weird prudish, just-tasted-something-sour faces.

i'm not into him, but also, he deals with the icons, so it's easy to get into.

You're all kooks!

He's amazing.

He's incredible. A tru fine arts comic artist.

I think he started the trend for painted, more realistic depictions of superheroes. Before that it was pretty much 99.9% pencils and inks.

He's basically the Norman Rockwell of comic book art.

I like Norman Rockwell too.  I do like the attention to detail he has but his guys all are kinda older and look like they smell shit but don't know where it's coming from. 


Yup, looking at all those pics confirms that I REALLY don't like him.

He seems to set everything in the golden age/character origin era hence the Norman Rockwell comparison where everything is obviously from the 30's/40's.

His characters actually look like real people. I think the guy is amazing, frankly. Would I want every artist to paint in his style? No. But I always look forward to a Ross book or cover.

i'm not a fan, but he has also did battle of the planets covers which were pretty good - luckily, they all don't look like they 50 yr olds

watch you mouf you call alex ross better than frazetta or boris


i don't know julie bell, so you can have her.

joe jusko is hit or miss, and for the most part, agreed, ross is better.

"Also, just for the record, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell and Joe Jusko had all pioneered painted comics long before Alex Ross. He just did it better than all of them."

I don't necessarily agree that Ross was better than the above 3, but he definitely was blessed with the perfect project(s). Alex Ross's art wouldn't have worked without the Marvels story and I don't think Marvels would have worked as well w/o Ross.

Also Jon J Muth and Kent Williams.

Frazetta, Jusko and vallejo are better than ross.

Jusko didn't get clowned. His Tomb Raider comic wasn't bad.

It's beautiful artwork. Looks stunning and unlike most other artwork on the market.