What's so likable about Bas??

Every time I show a non-MMA fan any videos on MMA and Bas Rutten is in them -- everyone loves him. They all say "that guy seems cool as hell", or "He seems really nice" - basically he is an extremely memorable and likable guy. Why specifically do you think this is? It would be cool for all of us to learn what makes him such a likable guy.


He drinks beer while he's announcing Pride, and has fought with half of the guys he interviews. I think he needs to down two beers in two gulps at the end of every Pride show, AKA that old guy (the Fox?) that used to be on the Man Show.

Bas is authentic and people gravitate toward that. With Bas, what you see is what you get. If he doesnt like you, he will tell you straight to your face. If he likes you, he will tell you that, as well.

An example, I hadnt seen him in awhile so he invites me to grab a couple of beers after I run into him at one of the UFC's. We sit down and before we start drinking, he says, "you know, it is really good to see you, man." It was totally genuine and took me by surprise.

On the flip side, there was a guy that night who just wouldnt shut up. Bas was patient at first and politely told the guy to calm down. About an hour later he emptied his beer over the guy's head.

El Guapo is the man!!

Bas is cool man..


Ditto. He doesn't come across as fake. If he hated he would have no problems telling it to your face. If he liked you he would probably go to the ends of the earth for you. Chrasima.

I'd like to drink a few beers with him.

bald but has cool eyebrows

cool accent

seems very direct and forthright

banged eiko koike (I think)

and of course...



Let me tell you my experience with the gay asshole... Trust me, he is not to be liked at all. One time I was over at a bar, having a few drinks with friends... Well, we were all celebrating, and I was buying rounds for everyone, and laughing it up with all my friends. Well out of nowhere, Bas walks up to me and pours a beer all over my head. I was like what an asshole.

Well later that night I got my courage up to fuck him up in a fight... Well I look through the bar to see if I can find him... and sure enough, to my fucking disgust, hes over in some corner with what appears to be some armenian guy making out like the planes going down. It would have been 2 on 1 at this point, so I let the faygs leave the bar unharmed.

People like him (aside from his personality) because he's a REAL martial artist: he knows how to kick your ass, he CAN kick your ass, but he seems to genuinely like people. Doesn't come across as a meathead or someone that has a chip on his shoulder (as most fighters and martial artists do).

A friend of mine just took one of his seminars (which I sadly missed), and my friend said that not only is he a true badass (he thai-kicked a bag up the ceiling), but he took the time to talk to people, joke with them, etc.

Once again, TTT for the ever-popular El Guapo!

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Bas is the fuckin man, end of story.

Bas is a funny dude!!

Yep, charisma, honesty and a cool accent.

Plus he is RESPECTED by all the fighters..

I asked to take his photo once. He was super nice, and encouraged me to take more, and posed etc. This was at a UFC. He was like "Hey buddy, try this one (poses), take another one just in case etc..." Seemed really personable. Probably the only fighter to encourage me to take more photos of him (in a totally selfless way).