Whats the best strategy for a Female Streetfight?

Say you had to give your daughter advice on how to best win in a fight where girls are mostly fighting like girls, pulling hair?

Grab hair and knees to the face while holding hair Phone Post

walkinassassin - Grab hair and knees to the face while holding hair Phone Post

This.. the grabbing of the hair is a hell of a tool .... Phone Post

If anticipating having to be in a fight that she can't avoid against another girl, tell her to put her hair in a ponytail and maybe tuck it under the back of her shirt.

Um, other than that, there's no special advice here really. Hirls aren't as susceptible to low blows and tend to have longer hair, and I suppose they are less hesitant to fight dirty, and that's it when it comes to tactical differences.

I suppose it's mostly the same basic shit you'd teach a boy: practice your jab and right hook (if she's right-handed), keep your thumb outside your fingers when making a fist, use your non-power hand to jab and create distance, keep your hands up, stick and move. If it gets to the clinch, knee the mid-section or the head if possible. If you can reach the back, try to lock on an RNC and use your legs to hook the body and that will usually end a fight between untrained minors of roughly the same size and strength. Above all, don't panic.

Now if she feels she's in danger of more than fisticuffs, go for the eyes. Repeatedly. Also one's car keys (or house keys if you've deprived her of a vehicle) can be used to stab the other person in the face or neck to good effect.

If it's just some sort of school yard bullshit, diplomacy and quick wit >>> actually fighting, unless a kid is getting regularly bullied. Usually if you beat up a bully once they'll back the fuck off. I dunno, this is kind of a silly topic.


Foot to tit Phone Post

I so serz


Fake jab to get close then judo throw that ho Phone Post

I told/taught my daughter that it depends on her attacker.
Obviously if it's another girl her age, then, muay thai clinch/grab hair, then knees.
If it's a boy her age, she knows enough basic BJJ sweeps to get into full mount then GNP/elbows.
If it's someone bigger than her, like say a Roy Nelson pedo, then thumbs in eyes and whatever you can hit him in the balls with, hit him in the balls with it and run.

Grab hair, pull head down forward, uppercuts and a big knee. When she falls, mount and finish. Phone Post


Try not to let this happen because if your daughter is beating the other girl's ass, then she may get jumped if it's a group setting. No can defend mob. Phone Post

Kick her in the box!

some takedowns should serve her well.

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