What's the best Zoo you have ever been to?

I have not been to a ton of them but I enjoyed the Denver zoo Phone Post 3.0

Only been to Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, and Memphis. The Memphis zoo is the best of those.

San Diego

Granted, it's the only one I've been to, since I live near it, but I hear it's one of the best in the world

Been to many ... San Diego, no question. Phone Post 3.0

San Diego.

Went to the Bronx zoo a couple of months ago and thought most of it kind of sucked except for the gorilla habitat

Omaha Zoo is good, but I haven't been to many to compare.

Been to DC zoo, Sf zoo, Sacramento zoo, oakland zoo... San Diego zoo is easily the best. Phone Post 3.0

San Diego
Santa Barbara

I haven't been to San Diego zoo since I was little so I don't remember it very well, with that said I think the Oakland Zoo is my favorite that I have been to. It's not the nicest but it's way more animal friendly than most I've seen, it's kind of tucked away up in the hills and all the habitats are a good size Phone Post 3.0

San Diego. Blows away the Bronx Zoo.  

San Diego. Denver I enjoyed as well. Phone Post 3.0

San Diego and Omaha

Oregon Zoo in Portland is neat. The zoo in Seattle is getting pretty old and filthy as hell. DC zoo has pandas. So that one. Phone Post 3.0

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo......it's not even close. Phone Post 3.0

My favorite zoo ever is in Rockwell, NC, called The Charlotte Metro Zoo. It's basically a bunch of acreage owned by some freak from NJ who rescues exotic animals and big cats from people who get them illegally and can't take care of them. He's got lions, tiger, and other big cat, monkeys and apes, all the common petting zoo animals and a bunch of exotic snaked and birds. For $5 he let me hold a baby tiger that was about my size next to my family and gave us a polaroid of it. The tiger could have just about eaten me or one of the kids, but where else can you have that kind of experience? Every couple of years, he'll have a money or something escape and it gets in the news. It is a totally un-commercial place and way more fun than any of the big zoos I've been to, including the Bronx Zoo and all the Busch Gardens type stuff. I really don't like huge, commercial zoos.

I guess my second favorite is the Erie Zoo in Erie, PA, which is a small to midsize commercial zoo, but it's not too spread out and it's cheap. They have free hours on weekdays.

only been to london, belfast and dublin zoo's.

None of them are especially impressive but i'll pick Dublin cause of the kick ass orangutans

Been to the San Diego zoo about 5 times but haven't really been to others to compare. Also been to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego which was pretty cool.

Taronga zoo Sydney.
Blijdorp Rotterdam Phone Post 3.0

Kruger National Park

Houston zoo is coming along, it's a lot better now than when I was young.

Been to Houston,Memphis, Dallas/fort worth(can't remember which city it was actually in) Phone Post 3.0