Whats the big deal?

Why are you OG liberals so concerned about what I think? Is it because I fight? Who cares, I could come on here under a secret mudname and tell you all what I think about the war and you could probably care less.

Am I not allowed to have a political view because some misguided 14 year old's 7th grade hippy turned history teacher says that what I think is wrong?

Guess what kids, I dont care what you think. Im right and you're wrong. There are a few of you who have formed a vigilante group to try and tear down everything I say. Well have at me. I can outsmart the lot of you...and if you really keep it up I will resort to all of the homosexual insults and really make you tuck your tail and run.

Well I have to head out of town until Sunday. That will give you liberals plenty of time to think of a good comeback and an even better insult to throw at me. So have at it kids and remember......if a girl says no she really means yes.

What utter arrogance? I thought there was only one kind.

you tell 'em,Trav