What's the closest relative you'd bang (HOT of course)

Let’s say this woman…

or any other of your liking was a relative. How related could she be for you to still have “relations” with her?

OP’s mom is about as close as I wanna go.

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Twin sibling. Anything closer than that gets weird.


My wife is my cousin, or whatever, but it’s not like what you think. Her father is the brother of my mom. Like, we grew up together, and she grew up hot, you know, she fucking grew up hot. And all my friends are trying to fuck her, you know, and I’m not gonna let one of these assholes fuck my cousin . So I used the cousin thing, as like, an in with her.


Are we talking risk of reproduction? What I mean is, do nephews count?

My Dad. no homo


If you fuck your identical twin, is that sex or masturbation?

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I don’t give a fuck if this chick was my own mother. I’d still fuck her without a rubber and cum inside her and have a new son and a brother at the same time and just say that it ain’t mine.

moms half sister was hot in her day
i hardly knew her
didnt feel related
i might’ve

Pornhub traffic and most lawyers advise never answering that question,

“What are you doing, stepbrother??”

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Uhhh…I think step sibling is as far as I would go and it would have to be someone pretty new to the family…