What's the deal with Belgium waffles?

Germany Chocolate cake for dessert !

Lol, fatty is upset by the name of foods now :joy:

And for dinner, Sweden Meatballs.

If you didn’t eat all these stupid foreign food you probably wouldn’t be a bitter fat fat guy!

Shut up!

Power Rangers Reaction GIF

Might have some Canada Bacon to go with my BELGIUM waffles. We could serve them all buffet style ! We’ll call it the retard buffet and you’re invited !!!

Well I got a buffet for you that has two knuckle sandwiches!

Watch yourself tubby.

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Canada bacon is just ham! It’s not even really bacon! It makes me so mad!


waffles are better than pancakes, but restaurants always offer 1 waffle vs 4 or more pancakes for same price!

I shop for value.

a real conservative like my online friend @theraskal

Do you need a Bird Lawyer KJ? Im your guy.

bye bye birdie GIF

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This is true but it does taste good.

BG is being a Jerk, IMO

I love Charlie and his knowledge of bird law lol. You the man longsteed! Great reference!

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We should never forgive Belgium for giving the world Brussels sprouts.

I doubt they even eat those gym-sock vegetables themselves. They just make the rest of us suffer.