What's the deal with Elevation/Grudge/Denver MMA?

It seems like there's some REALLY good coaching happening in Denver these days. A bunch of guys I really enjoy watching fight, because they're versatile, and they improve, and it SEEMS like they're all out of the same gym, but it's hard to tell.

So what's the story with Elevation/Grudge/Other? Who is the coach there? Eliot Marshall? Trevor Witmann? Christian Allen? Leister Bowling? Bang Ludwig? Is it all one gym?

It feels like it's sort of one gym, and you hear about guys training together, but then you hear about guys having their own coaches and whatnot.

Even Miocic, apparently?

Does anybody know the details?

Isn't Overeem also there now?

Damn I remember when Grudge was T's KO.

I thought Stipe was with his guys in Ohio?

The Closed Guard - 

I thought Stipe was with his guys in Ohio?

That's what I thought, but I saw online where he had trained with Wittman. Maybe in the past?

In. I'm very curious about the current situation. iirc, Elevation and Grudge both closed.

Anybody got anything?

I figured this is the UG. SOMEBODY has to know, right?

TTT thats a hell of a team!

Very good question isn't Rose and Pat there too?


These are the camps that used to be a part of jackson mma when they were the best.