Whats the Deal with PS5s?

Are they still sold out everywhere?

I checked best buy and they all sold out, Walmart has one for like 1000$+?

Are these things still that hard to come by?

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Muh chips!

The current run on GPU’s probably has something to do with it

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Chip Shortage, high demand, and scalpers getting really good at their craft (via bots). Combination of all 3.


Bought an Xbox X for $800 on ebay last year. Worth it, as you can’t seemingly get any gaming system right now (at least the new consoles). Even used PS4’s were selling at a premium last I checked.

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Still very hard to get.

My buddy just bought a new Xbox after trying for over a yr. He filled out some silly MS survey and as a reward they put him on a waiting list/ lottery type of deal. A week passes and he gets an email saying he has not been selected. the following week he gets an email and that he was selected and has XX amount of hrs to respond.

He had to buy it immediately or would have been passed up.

Have a buddy that works in retail and he said there’s bots that reserve them as soon as they become available.

I was so very lucky my wife was able to get me a Xbox series X not that long after launch. We got it from Walmart online 4 weeks after launch.

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Chip shortages.

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I just got one a week ago through the same program. Free delivery right to my house. It was awesome.

Everything electronic that uses that style of chips and other materials is in short supply. I still haven’t been able to find one.

Use the hot stock app and have accounts ready and signed into for major retailers like Walmart, Target etc, it’s how I got my series X back in January.

I used Matt Swiders Twitter

We got my son the PS5 in Tijuana at Sears. The Sears over there is high end like a Nordstrom or Macy’s.

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