What's the deal with revealing cuts post fight?

I'm not sure how I feel about this. If I was Vitor's next opponent, I'd probably aim my elbows or knuckle sammiches for their scar tissue. Phone Post

It's not a surprise that your opponent has been cut in those areas, it's a given. If its very recent, it's a different story which is why it only matters for that fight. Phone Post

Well in Vitor's case it was quite gruesome and interesting, as for Bigfoot... I dunno, just wanted some attention? Phone Post

Allen Hood - 

Because Dana might not let them bang bro Phone Post

This is perhaps the best and most intricate answer I could conceive of. Well done, sir.

The AC's will not let them bang if they find out about it.

Makes you look like a badass? Not quite sure why you wouldn't keep it to yourself tbh. Phone Post

Proves your a fighter or some crap. Edgar was also a weird one. Phone Post