What's the deal with saying war...

It is lame, but it is not as bad as calling sport fighters "True Warriors" and crap like that.

Excellent... Like it's got a patch on Rickson by armbar.

No ryan, you hate 'hater' because you are one.

Let's go to a call....Jeff in Richmond...what is up?
What is up romey rome, first off, gotta give mad props to my "insert rest of call"....finally I just wanna say "War V Tech bringing it to their AAAASSSSSSS, war jim rome the pimp in the box, and war cheryl swoops getting a new oat bag...ERRRRRRRRRRRR, I mean cereal bowl for Christmas...I....am....OUUUTTTTT.....goodnight now.



Can I have a pass so I can call pulsar a hater just once?

glad I'm not the only one that thinks it's dumb... Pulsar is correct calling it the dumbest thing on the UG.

I'm Mr positivity man.. Come on, you can't see that?! :)

It's true Ryan, you are a hater.

brought in by refugee sherdoggers probably

I like skirmish

the lamest thing is when net-nerds type "powned".

I laughed my ass off when Cartman said that in south Park.