What's the deal with this Amazon Union story? Is it legit?

It’s a great feel-good David vs. Goliath story, but the more I hear about it, it sounds more and more absurd. Two guys who got fired (one for cussing an employee out while his fired-ass was protesting) just made up their own union? You can do that? lol. Just invent a union. They recruited people by giving them free food and doing gofundmes for employees in need.

I don’t know shit about unions but I thought it was more of an official thing. Like you needed to be backed by an existing organized union?

Some funny stuff coming out of it. AOC congratulated them on Twitter and joined in the victory celebration. Even though when they asked her to make an appearance she basically said fuck off with that, got thangs to do.

Bezos will probably find some way to kibosh all this imo.


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In for more on the story

If those guys follow the Union rules they can become millionaires.


Bezos should hire a union busting goon squad. I’ll sign on. Dress up all old-timey and bust heads with an axe handle.

I gotta rewatch that old Stallone movie F.I.S.T now.

Pretty much. The National Labor Relations Act protects employees wanting to form a union.

Amazon will fight like hell though.

I’d think that’s where experienced backing would help. Those guys probably won’t even know how to deal with all the complex legal contract shit Amazon will hit them with.

Don’t you need like 50% of the employees of a location to sign a union card to get a union in?

I think they did that. They won the vote, by a large margin I think. Now it’s just a matter of actually making it happen.

The union leaders are woke shitheads but anyone who gets a win over American corporations deserves praise.

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No limit as to people’s stupidity.

You dont need to pay bi-weekly dues, enriching a handful of guys, in order to bargain collectively.

When isnt collective bargaining an option?

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From what I’ve seen they just seem like knuckleheads, not inspiring leaders of men. The main guy not as much, but the sidekick guy seems like a goof. It’s a shit job, sounds like nobody likes working there, so it probably doesn’t take much to persuade people to sign off on standing up to the man. A couple free tamales and a coke.

It’s just funny that Amazon fired them, yet they were still able to hang around and stick it in Bezo’s ass. His HRT infused blood is boiling.

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