What's the DEAL with this "Plus Size" label?

they used to just call them WOMEN. Since when did having a MATURE FEMININE FRAME need to become classified as “PLUS SIZE”?

OP likes fat bitches.


Since Common Core.

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OP likes fatties.
Also the term plus sized is retarded. THEY ARE FAT!

Bunch of fragile snowflakes offended by hearing that their fat asses are fat so we have to call the fatties plus sized.

This just leads to shit like Sports Illustrated having "plus sized " models.

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I just figured it out, thanks for the Spelling Correction Edit Kirik, you sure are a swell fellow!

I saw your name attached to this thread but then I didn’t see you had posted…and eventually I solved the mystery, you charitably corrected the thread title. Very Capital of You, a Sterling Act of Generosity

OP’s in this for the long game. He wants to remove “plus size” when referring to women now, so later he can remove “micro” when referring to his peen.

Nice try OP, but we’re onto you


Mature feminine frame lol

You’ve fully embraced the normalization of obesity.

Feminism started this downward descent into Fatocracy. I don’t like obese women. They stink and they take a long time to take a shower. Also, their inner thighs looks dark as well as their inner butt cheeks because of the friction their rotund physique causes when they walk.

What a disappointment, back to the Chunky Chicks thread…

Rules are rules motherfucker

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