What's the Difference Between Canada and USA?

It looks like the Hudson Bay is Canada’s big, gaping asshole and Canada is a gay rapist.

Is that what you were trying to illustrate?


Palm trees.

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Nomindo’s Departure Bay.I miss the BC Ferry Fast Cats from the 90’s.My step-father and crew were glad they sold, due to the aluminum hull construction.Said if there was a fuel truck explosion below, maybe 15 minutes to swim fast to shore.Super dangerous.Last I saw they were for sale somewhere in the Middle-East, rotting away.



I would like to present evidence that Poutine is superior to fries + ketchup… and I would appreciate some apologies.

Here is a screenshot so you fuckers don’t attack the poll.



I said they’re both gross. Are you stupid or something??

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Are you stupid? you couldn’t just go up and read what you wrote lol

I’ll give you a pass, I assume you’re day drinking.

Yeah. If I had to eat one I’d take ketchup over slop on fries.

I don’t eat either really.

Disco fries


If I wanna go fancy I can but triple fries and room temp ketchup with a boorga is best.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. The Beatles sold the most albums. Joe Biden was elected President. The people aren’t always right.

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No one wants soggy fries, at that point just make mashed potatoes.

Also the proper condiment for fries is mustard or truffle.

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