whats the difference between ufc on fox

and ufc on fx. I know this might be a dumb question but I really don't watch much TV. Are they different channels?


Fox is free network TV, typically channel 32 or 12 in America.


FX is a cable/pay channel owned by the Fox Network.

And Fox has a much larger viewership. The cards on fox are usually a lot more stacked then on FX.

Both are free fights thought !

And UFC on Fuel


And a Pay per view.



Rogam and Goldie commentating vs Anik and Florian on FX.

Anik sucks. Needs some color and florian and Anik aren't providing it.

Thanks guys. I got to check to see if I have fx then. I really want to see Paul Harris vs Lombard badly. Kind of was hoping Joe was announcing too cuz I remeber how exciting he made the Paul harris and Belcher fight. I was literally on the edge of my seat wincing.