What's the Future of Remote Working?

this is very good and overlooked by many WFH people that used to work in New York, California, etc. but WFH in a different state

New York’s tax laws are ridiculous and if employees are WFH physically outside of NY the entire time, NY will still count those wages as “New York sourced” income.

My brother WFH in Florida for the past year but his stupid company never opened up out of state subsidiaries and he still has to treat the wages as New York sourced and therefore pay taxes on that income. If they did what your employers did, he’d have no state taxes at all to worry about.

He is trying to get re-characterized as a consultant instead of an employee bc of this

the part about categorized as a consultant than an employee… is there some benefit to the company to do that would be a disadvantage for the worker?

I also just moved to Florida. Kept the same position at a top insurance carrier…

We are just starting a voluntary return to office for folks but are assessing real estate space and the impact over time if we decide to limit the physical footprint if folks would rather be remote.