What's the longest you've been hooked to IV?

3 weeks, when i was a newborn

8 weeks... fuck staph

6 glorious hours. That morphine after that kidney stone pain was a gift from god I was never so happy to have a huge needle in my arm Phone Post 3.0

8 days

BigWilliam -
tjmitch - 
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tjmitch - I had a pic line in for ~ a month
Just looked up what a picc is. Fuck that noise. Do you feel it when you move your arm? Phone Post 3.0

not really. But when they put the Dilaudid in it I felt like Keith Richards

Dilaudid feels like someone took a soft piece of velvet, wrapped it around a hammer and hit you in the brain with it.
When they stopped my morphine pump and the percs made me sick I took one oral dose of dilaudid. Holy shit was that fantastic. In fact it was so fantastic that I never took it again for fear of getting hooked. Phone Post 3.0

2 Weeks in 3 Hospitals.
2 days @ Holy Cross in San Fernando, Ca
5-6 days @ Valley Presbyterian in Van Nuys, Ca
5-6 days @ Verdugo Hills Hospital in Glendale, Ca
w/my morphine button on my lap at all times Phone Post 3.0

About an hour when I used to get spinal injections Phone Post 3.0

3 days. Phone Post 3.0

2 hours or so.

It was amazing.

TopGrinder - 3 weeks after a car wreck. Wasn't so bad. What was bad was a catheter tube in my pee pee. Ouchy. Even worse was the constipation from the pain killers. Imagine after a week trying to pump out super hard shit pellets on a bedpan with barely any progress. Phone Post 3.0
Your catheter hurt the whole time? I had one after my surgery and if they hadn't told me about it I would never have known it was there. It wasn't masked by pain meds either, didn't touch those. Phone Post 3.0

Picc line for 9 months, 3 months, and 6 weeks. with a gap of a few months between each new picc.

10 days with a picc line for three of those. Picc line and IV removed sent home only to be back the next day and the day after that re-admitted for three more days. 

3 days after a motorcross wreck. Morphine you sweet goddess you. Phone Post 3.0