whats the most effective takedown

whats the best

are bodylocks any good

in highschool i remeber this guy who used half nelsons for his take down. it was all blury to me cause i didn't know shit about takedowns & wrestling

the one that works for you is the best takedown... when i wrestled i had a high percentage of singles.... when i fight i find double legs and trips from the clinch very easy to get on most fighters....

the only takedowns that I can see to get is the ankle pick by sliding across the room on my stomach and them sinching my self up to there leg,and I also am able to get the underhooks,but I have a really hard time when people grab me around the head with two arms like a muat thai style its really hard for me to stop.I have never been able to pull of a double leg not even in practice.

o.k. I'll try thanks for the help.

power double.

when I was younger I did a lot of double legs.Then headlocks.Now I like headlocks and singles and switching to doubles.But nowadays I always shoot for singles and see what happens.Front headlocks are good too.

What's statistically the highest scoring takedown in freestyle or folkstyle wrestling? I have the feeling it's the single leg.

Headlock throw.

n highschool i remeber this guy who used half nelsons for his take down-

Do you mean whipover/ cement mixer?

I edit submission wrestling videos and the most common one I see is the single leg. I have a Dan Gable Clinic on tape, he said that the single is the highest scoring move in any level from elementry to the Olimpics.

in NCAA wrestling, the high crotch is the highest scoring takedown. In international freestyle, the single leg is the highest scoring.