Whats the next UFC Card ?

Id be much obliged if someone can post the next rumored card.Im thinking of staying at the Mandalay.How is it there ?

Shamrock/Kimo (signed)

Hughes/Charuto (signed)

Linland/Terrell (signed)

Baroni/Tanner (signed)

Miller/St-Pierre (signed)

Hallman/Trigg (Hallman is signed)




Linland/Terrell (signed) = UFC 49

I'm hearing they are planning to offer Murrays fight to Tito.............

you sure Terrell vs Linland is for 49? I could have sworn that it was for 48.

no no your correct sir.

Terrell vs Linland is for UFC 49.

However MMAweekly is now listing Serra vs Menjivar for UFC 48.

MMAweekly is usually pretty on about their rumored matches.

serra- menjivar should be nice. I wish they would show that.

nice card Id say.How is the Mandalay Bay ?

Riggs is reported to be fighting Mr Joshua

ttt for ortiz vs. Eastman

Mandalay Bay was great, I had 75 dollar tickets at the last show, and seriously they were legit. I think it depends on picking the right section though.

I got the 75 dollar seats in a real good section.Ill probly stay at the Mandalay as well .Wont bet much though

Ortiz is definately fighting at 49, Dana said this himself.

Menjivar/Serra is signed. Menjivar is in great shape and anxious to get in the ring.


What weight class? (isn't Miller like 180 lbs and St-Pierre like 170 lbs)

I was wondering if Miller would be returning to the UFC.

I would have liked to have seen Sherk/Trigg but Hallamn/Trigg will do (I hope it doesn't end up like the last time!).

Looks like a decent card to me!