What's the Origin of Your Name?

Freitas, Chris West, and I were getting a bite to eat after Niko's event and came up with a bunch of good threads.

Where did your parents come up with the name you were given?

My dad had this things with R's so Chris and I were supposed to be Reynolds and Reed.  My mom said screw that if anyone is calling my son Reynolds Wrap that that was nixed.  She watched a commercial where a kid got in to trouble and the mom said, "Christopher Michael, Get over here!"  Hence, our names. 

Not the most exciting story, but a story nevertheless. 

no clue about my first name but my middle has something to do with being the 3rd or youngest son.

same as with my father but we dont have the same middle names so its some fucked up Chinese concept.

My first name was just one of those, "Oh, pretty name" kinda things, but my middle name, Ann, is after my grandmother, Agnes Aniska Hladky. She was a fucking warrior, came to America from Czechoslavakia by herself after WWII and made it through.

 my dad had a drinking problem.

[quote]  She watched a commercial where a kid got in to trouble and the mom said, "Christopher Michael, Get over here!"  Hence, our names.[quote]

Man, your mommy was right on the money with that one

Gee thanks.

mom says she named me after actor Patrick McGoohan, who starred in the hit 1960's BBC spy show "The Prisoner."  McGoohan was also the evil "Edward Longshanks" in Braveheart.



YES, that's my porn given name

 Patrick, I can see the similarity with the bottom guy, 

what about last names?

Freitas is a region/town in Northern Portugal. i think everyone who has that last name is rooted into that vicinity.

christopher = common irish catholic name

michael = i chose it at age 17 when my step dad adopted me (it is his middle name that he goes by rather than his first name)


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 Robert Anthony Kelala Li'i DeMello


Robert = My pops' middle name

Anthony = dunno...catholic name?

Kelala Li'i = Little Gerard (named after my moms youngest brother)

DeMello = P-to the OCHO!

He's alive!!!

Might just be me Rabello but I was rofl at Little Gerard.  Sounds like what a retard would call his cawk.  Don't take offense man.

^jjd told me Rabello calls his cawk "Corky"

 I got my name after a stupid clown because my mom loved mcdonalds french fries at the time.